4 Week Athlete Foundations Camp

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Coach C.J. as put together a series of athletic performance programs with the goal to create;

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Confidence 

This will be a series of programs progressing off one another. To start we will begin by getting down to the foundations of movement and biomechanics. 

Starting November 28th we will begin with the 4 Week Athletic Foundation Camp. In this camp you can expect the athlete to develop the skills and abilities to progress in their athletic career. These are the foundations of speed, agility, change of direction, strength, and power. Each program to follow will progress the movements and capabilities of the athletes. 


- Eccentric Loading 

- Isometric Strength 

- Balance

- Proper form

- Sport specific lifts

- Core 

- Breathing

"This will be the foundation for the strength program that will follow coming in January. How these programs are designed follows the same formula I use for training my professional athletes."

- C.J. 

Ages : 13-17
November 28th - December 22nd

Monday - 4:00pm

Tuesday - 4:00pm

Thursday - 4:00pm

The Schedule


Be More Human Performance

305 N. Vermont St. 

Covington, LA

This program is open to all sports and all athletes. Each athletes main focuses and lifts will be specific to them and their sport. 

If you have any questions:

(985) 768-9334