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Be More | Human Performance was formed to take the expense and limitations away from personal training. Our staff at Be More are passionate about helping others live healthier and more functionable lives. Using a unique group based system we allow for; flexibility, accountability, and coachability.


Flexibility - Multiple sessions offered everyday allow you to not be held to a time slot. You just simple check in or show up its that simple.

Coachability - Every session has a team of coaches that are constantly motivating and guiding you throughout the workout. Coaches provide on the spot assistance and modifications to meet your needs. 

Accountability - The open group based system allows us to build a community at Be More | HP. We believe in our team and community, team work makes the dream work.

C.J. Bernius Owner & Founder

         My name is Cyril Bernius "C.J." Owner and Founder of Be More Human Performance. I started Be More upon graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University where I obtained a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness and Human Performance. My passion and obsession with health and fitness lead me to create a truly one of a kind wellness company that is dedicated to seeing you succeed. I want a place not only for you to come and get a workout but a place to keep you motivated and healthy for life. My goal is to get people living longer and more active lives. 

          Longevity and performance is what I base my workout programs around. No cookie cutter programs or workout styles here. My workout programs are designed to make you think and utilize muscles in new and challenging ways by compiling my knowledge and education in; motor learning, biomechanics, sport psychology, exercise physiology, sports nutrition and supplementation, strength and conditioning, clinical test and prescription and anatomy. My workouts are challenging, fun, and scalable to any fitness level with the ultimate goal of increasing human performance. 

          When it comes to diet I  believe you can eat just about whatever you want to maintain a healthy weight. Performance and optimal health on the other hand is a combination of activity, nutrition, and supplementation. My main goal when it comes to nutrition is building a strong and healthy gut. Decreasing inflammation or stress on the body is key when it comes to longevity and optimal performance. The most sustainable diet for anyone is going to be following that individuals schedule. When looking at your dietary habits it’s important to understand why you are hungry or not hungry at certain times. Once you understand what's happening physiologically you can start optimizing your nutrition and supplementation to follow your normal eating patterns. 


Remember your health and wellness is with you for life so worrying about it here and there is not going to do you any good.  Take control of your life! Live longer, healthier, happier! Be slimmer, more active, pain free, off medications, in control of your day. Start performing, exploring, traveling, LIVING!


> Start BEing MORE 

>Cyril J Bernius Jr.


I wanted to make a logo that is powerful and would stand for something that is why I used the greater than symbol. If you look closely you will see the triangles resemble a B, representing the word "Be" meaning, exist or to take place. Following the Be you have the greater than sign and when combined together you get Be greater than. My hope would be for my logo to be a symbol of motivation, empowerment, or resolution.

- C.J. Bernius

About the logo

Raegan Francke  Coach & BeMo Buddies Founder

BeMo buddies TRX 2021.jpg



        Hey, my name is Raegan Francke and I am 26 years old. I graduated Southeastern in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology Fitness and Human Performance with a minor in Nutrition and I have been a personal trainer around the North shore area for the past 5 years now. I am also certified through ASFA and NCSF and at the moment I am working on another certification in advanced special needs training. A goal I have for myself in life is at some point attending PTA school to continue furthering my education. I am passionate about helping people in anyway I possibly can and tying that into my love for fitness has been extremely rewarding. My skills include and are not limited to:  metabolic strength, increasing muscle mass, weight loss training, and HIIT. Whatever your goals are, let’s reach them together & Be More! 


- Raegan Francke

Blakely Brennan - Coach 


        My name is Blakely Brennan and I am one of the coaches at Be More Human Performance. I started my training here about a year ago, and I am passionate about helping my clients and members on their health and fitness journey.  It is my goal to help each person that comes into the gym grow stronger mentally and physically, as I have used this as one of my own tools in life. My belief is that even when we can’t control what is going on around us, we can control our nutrition habits and workout routine. 

About 4 years ago I went into recovery from both alcohol and an eating disorder which is what led me to pursue my career in personal training. I was ready to live a healthy lifestyle and knew that I wanted to help others do the same thing. This focus has led me to work with many women and it is my goal to help them develop confidence and strength inside and outside the gym. 

          I plan to continue my education beyond my NASM-CPT certification once I graduate with my accounting degree from SELU in the Spring 2022, so I can provide my clients with the best training experience to help them reach their goals. My focus is on bodybuilding, weight-loss, developing healthy nutrition habits, and improving confidence and body image with each client I am able to work with.  Let’s work together to help you reach your goals!

>Blakely Brennan

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