Athletic Development

Be More's Athletic Development Program is a self guided program available on the Be More App. Once you have purchased your program you will have access to the gym with in the Athletic Development time slots. Each program will/can be modified to be more sport specific. 



Monday - Friday 





You are welcome to complete what you can on your own and log all your data (weight, times, intensity, difficulty, etc) in or out of the gym. Making it in to the gym to complete your workouts would be ideal but we found it doesn't exactly fit every athletes (or parents) schedule. We are here to make athletes strong, healthy, and progressing mentally and physically. 

For Youth Athletic Development we generally recommend working with a trainer for 4-6 weeks and having the coach recommend a program moving forward. 

For completely individual programs or 1-on-1 training with a coach please reach out to the coach to check on availability. 

Want more infomation?
C.J. (985)768-9334