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what is Be More's Fitraiser?

Our mission is to impact the health and wellness of our community so what better way than to give you a massive discount on our membership. Not only that but to further our connection with the community we have partnered with a few organization that we will donate your membership cost to!

Get healthy and give back back!

Pick your organization


Northlake athletics

We are looking for more partners

We are looking for more partners

Who are we?

Be More is a small group training studio located in the heart of Downtown Covington. 

We have 1 hour sessions that run Monday - Friday starting as early as 5:00am and finishing the day with a 5:30pm class. 

The workouts are scalable to all fitness levels and the coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

Every member will start their journey with us by sitting down with a 1:1 starting session were we will dive into build a personal plan for you. We will do monthly Inbody test to check to see how progress is going. The Inbody will show us segmental lean and fat mass along this will indicate how we should change diet, sleep, or training habits. 

As a member of Be More you not only get to join our 1 of a kind training sessions but we will also help you with your nutrition and supplementation. Once we have your Inbody we will go over your personalized diet plan. We also offer 1:1 health coaching if you are looking for another layer of accountability. 

Ask about our 8 Week Challenges, we do 4 a year! 

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