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Programs at Be More

What are exercise programs?

A exercise program or training program is a series of exercises blocked week to week progress off one to reach a desired outcome. 

Are programs part of membership?

These programs are specialty programs that are layered on top of our membership. However you do not have to have a membership to do the programs. 

*NOTE* Our open group training follows a general functional progression. 

CAn i do these online?

Some of our programs are hybrid programs meaning that are both online and in person. 

For example;

Our Athletic Development program provides the participants access to the gym during our program hours. With the program they are still required to check into class. However they are more than welcome to do the workouts on their own. 

We like the hybrid model because it allows us to get the most out of a program and gives the participants flexibility. Don't worry you wont miss workouts because we are constantly engaged and on top of you through our app making sure you are completing the steps. 

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