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Where accountability and community equals results.

Be More was created to change the stigma around the fitness industry. We have seen gyms become more of hangouts or social gathers that promote extremes or failure. With no help, no guidance, how is a gym suppose to be a place to get "healthy"? 


We are a gym about changing lives not only through fitness but through leadership. 

Our coaches are passionate and driven to helping people in there fitness journey. Unlike most class based gyms our coaches are with you from the beginning and have a complete understanding of where you are and how we are going to get there.

Personal Plan

Everyone's goals and starting points are different. We are here for you and tailor a plan that works best for you. 


Everyone at Be More is dedicated to you and your goals. Each trainer knows where you are and how to get you to where you are going. 


Real results. 

Visual results that you can feel and see. Each plan will come with trackable data so we can insure that you are progressing.

Our process
is simple

We are our surroundings.

Everyone here is on a journey of self improvement. 


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We are always running specials
giving out tips 

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