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Be More is Northshore's premium service training facility. We have a few different options to chose from.

Our services are built around: 

  • Your goals

  • Your abilities

  • Your results

We are here for you.


Private Training Membership

1-on-1 attention and care. 


Full customized training and nutrition program for you.

Best for specific needs or goals.

The optimal place to start for anyone that is relatively new to the gym or weightlifting. 


Semi-Private Training Membership

Group of 2-5 individuals with similar goals or starting points.


Tailored group workouts to best cater to each persons specific goals.

Your assigned coach will push you and hold you accountable to hitting your goals.


Open Group Training

Groups up to 15 people.


Open to all ages and fitness levels.

Coaches are highly trained and motivated to push you to provide a safe and effective workout.

45-50min sessions focus on full body and conditioning.


Don't know which is the best fit for you? Book a call with us and we will help get you started!

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